Monday, February 3, 2014

What I wish someone had told us at the beginning

If someone had told us at the beginning: ***

I.    *****Swab your noses (everyone in the family) with 'bactroban" (a heavy duty neosporin) 2xs a day for 7 - 10 days!***

(We now do this monthly, to be sure, with a homeopathic treatment spray of 'silver sol')

II.   *****Wash all the bodies in your home with an strong antibacterial wash (hibiclens) at least twice a week.***

(We now do this with a homeopathic bath of bath salts mixed with tea tree oil, and lavander, and wash with a essential oil body wash for adults and older children, at least twice weekly.)

If someone had told us these two things, at the beginning, I think we could have avoided a lot of heartache. 

If someone has MRSA at your house, and not everyone had contracted it, BY ALL MEANS talk to your doctor about everyone in the house doing this ASAP.  They told us this information after many months. Whooops. Wish they had given us precautions earlier. Not useful to hold that information back. Treat it as worst case scenario, instead best, and people will come out ahead.

Once this bacteria is in the blood stream, therein lies the difficult battle. If, then, you can kill it in your nose and on your skin before it enters the bloodstream, you can avoid heartache. 


Again, once this bacteria is in the blood stream, therein lies the difficult battle. If, then, you can kill it in your nose and on your skin before it enters the bloodstream, you can avoid heartache. 

Hospitals now swab peoples noses for MRSA when admitted, and they when they are released; because that is a VERY common place for people to be colonized with this bacteria. Some people can have it up their nose and have no symptoms, but can give it to others unknowingly.

WISH, WISH, WISH we had known this at the beginning. I really feel it would have helped others in the household not aquire this!!!


  1. The same thing happened to me. I was not told about the stuff to swab in the nose until my 2nd break out. And the 1st breakout was way more painful and had a lot more blisters which scarred me for 2 years. Like I said before, i created a way for myself to rid myself of the scars finally. And I made sure I used the nose antibiotics but make sure my parents used them 100% for sure since I have already gotten burning boils on my right arm again. And when my niece and nephew come over every week, their noses get swabbed Instantly. My PCP has a NP (Nurse Practitioner) that I see and she can't wrap her head around the fact that my MRSA problem is the reason for my terrible consistent headaches that keep getting worse every day. Also, she doesn't believe in MRSA going dormant and coming back bc when she swabbed my breakout 9 months ago, it came up clean, so now I'm a hypochondriac to her. Fake headaches and over reacting to acne. I am looking for a new dr now. To suffer from this and have the medical person who you go to for help tell you your crazy and argue with you, it can make things more difficult than it already is. For whomever reads this and is suffering from MRSA, do NOT settle for a Dr who fights you every step of the way bc this superbug kills people. Find.another Dr asap! God bless and get better!!

  2. I think most doctors and NPs really do want to help, but I feel like after awhile they really don't have enough information either, and don't know what to tell you, as no one case follows the exact pattern, and the bacteria does changes its resistent level! However, I currently have a theory that MRSA if left 'unchecked' can eventually cause other problems too, it would make sense to me that you could get headaches, etc from the bacteria being unchecked in your body. It is absolutly known in the medical community that lyme bacteria causes all sorts of mayhem in the body, couldnt MRSA do the same? Seems logical to me! Lyme is caused by a bacteria and it can cause bells palsy, nuerological conditions, heart palpitations, etc. One quote I read about "lyme" stated, "if you aren't activily killing lyme, it is killing you." If one super bacteria can do that, my theory MRSA may be able to do some of the same damage to your body! It may make sense to see a different doctor, who may be willing to look at the from a whole body, and not just as a fight against just the bacteria. I have read a few books about chinese medicine and they don't just treat the bacteria, but treat the supporting organs also.