Monday, February 3, 2014

"Eat to live" & the "Liver cleansing diet"

So when you have a problem, our natural instinct is to fight and resolve it.

My search for absolution has taken me on many roads....

One night I was up late watching PBS, and "Joel Fuhman" was on talking about his book "Eat to live" and "Super Immunity". Which of course caught my eye... "super immunity" yes, please!

So I went to the library and reserved the book "Eat to live", when I got it, I read it in large chunks, then all the way through. (light over my head)....... Of course, food has a role in our bodies ability to fight disease. Duh. We all know that, but do we apply the knowledge or want our brownies too much? Mmmm, brownies.

I bought the book, and reference it often, because once you have good information it is wise to reference it on a regular basis to keep your course true.

I then stumbled upon the book "The Liver Cleansing Diet" By Dr. Cabot. Wow! Food can hurt us or heal us. Revolutionary!

I personally feel my liver has taken years of abuse from my poor diet. I remember having 'ho ho's' and chocolate milk for breakfast in highschool on a regular basis. GROSS! And why wasn't I 300 lbs? Seriously, teenagers don't make the best food choices! In an article I read in my "Parents" Magazine July 2012 there was an article "Sugar Shocker" where Dr. Robert Lustig is quoted saying "A can of soda and a can of beer have the same strain on the liver." "Fructose is alcohol without the buzz."  I, thankfully, have never had to worry about beer on my liver, because I have never drank beer. But sugar....... WOW, yes I have inhaled probably more than the average soul, for sure. Hamburgers, yes please. I like the healthy stuff, thankfully (thanks mom), but I LOVE the bad stuff! So it would be safe to assume that my liver needs a little TLC....

If you are battling MRSA, these books are worth looking into. The more information you have the better your choices can be! Knowledge is DEFINILTY power.

I have bought both of them. And have actually bought more as gifts for those I love! They have impacted me that much! I almost wish "Eat to live" was required reading..... almost!

I feel these books as treasure troves of how to keep your body its healthiest!

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