Monday, February 3, 2014

Bentonite clay & Phenomenal water

Ok so I have tried many things, in fact I think I will do a post of all the things I have tried, and its outcomes, but for now I am addressing two products, one of which I have reviewed previously.

I stumbled across the term bentonite clay while researching online... probably for MRSA. However, after reading about it (it did not say directly anything about MRSA) I thought perhaps this would be a useful tool in my fight against MRSA.

So I bought the hydrated kind off amazon, for like 6 dollars a bottle:

Which I mix with a 'fiber' to help the clay continue through your system, called fiber 3:

Wow. All I can say is wow. This stuff ROCKS! I have had GREAT results with this product! As you can see I linked to amazon, I am not getting reimbursed to say it. This is really great stuff. Has it cured me? NO? However, I have had some underground boils,on the right side of my face for months and months, they never have broke the surface but are always there. After using the clay for a few weeks (always practicing a better diet), they are all but gone! Seriously, awesome stuff. Do your own research, talk with your own doctor. My experience has been very positive.

The other thing I would like to 're-review' is the Phenomenal water. The more I use this product, the more I think this is a good product. Look into it. It makes sense, the bacteria has some protections that other bacteria do not, the water is suppose to 'pull' the extra hydrogen out of your body, which is suppose to take the bacteria's protection away.  Again, do your own research and talk with your doctor, but we have had good results with this product! Although I REALLY wish it wasn't so crazy expensive. It really makes it hard for the average "Joe" to afford. I guess they know when you are desperate you will pay close to anything. Yikes!

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