Monday, February 3, 2014

"Perfect Food Raw" - Garden of life brand - FABULOUS

So I saw the movie
"Fat, sick, and nearly dead"

It was a pretty interesting movie. Regardless of your interest or dis-interest with 'juice fasting' this show is worth, at least, watching.

Anyway, really liked the information. And decided to get a juicer, and juice my self to health. Although I just added juice to my current diet. I did not do a juice fast.

Anywho, I liked the results, and knew my body liked the nutrition it was getting. Didn't think I needed to improve on anything. I had some really good, healthful, delicious juices almost everyday.

However, my steam did start to flounder, because it was a lot of prep, clean-up, and sometimes wasted produce. So I needed an alternative on the days I could't bring myself to juice, or I was on the run... Thus, I stumbled across the product "The perfect food' by Garden of Life.

My first taste of 'perfect food raw' I almost gagged, same with second, third and fourth. But I knew it was good for me so I chugged it down each time. Then the most amazing thing happened... I had been juicing for about a month and a half with no outside tangible benefits to my body; but after a week of being consistent with the "perfect food raw" I saw some real improvements to my MRSA boils. Tangible Improvements!

This stuff is AMAZING! Totally, recommend it. I drink it straight, and in smoothies.

I add the regular 'green' kind to a mango, pineapple, oj smoothie. Yummy! My 12 year old loves it.

I add the 'chocolate' perfect raw food, with 1 frozen banana, and chocolate almond milk. And my youngest three don't even know they were getting their greens. Seriously, can not tell.

I think this should be in everyone's pantry! AMAZING!

If you are battling MRSA, this is an effective tool in helping your body's defenses!


  1. So I'm new to all of this. Thank you for excellent info. What do you do to get rid if a few pimple link sores on your body? I'm so depressed & tired. My kids are free for the moment, but I still struggle with outbreaks. I ate crummy yesterday and have new pimples(mrsa) on my legs now. I've got to stop eating out of emotion or the convenience of a free meal. Thank you

    1. I really try to eat well... but it is really hard to eat well all the time which is REALLY important when you have mrsa. If you could do ONE thing, I would drink the bentonite clay listed in my previous email. I have noticed a huge difference when I drink it, I actually drink it every night before bed. Then my next recommendation would be to drink the garden of life stuff!
      My recommendation for the pimples on you legs would be the 'Awesomely Alkaline Moisturizer', from 'mrsa hero', that would be my first choice. Next choice would be silver sol gel from amazon.
      Good luck!

  2. I have been combining the garden of life with the clay. Seems to go down fine. I also just bought some seventh generation disinfecting cleaner to try to stay away from bleach.

  3. That is GREAT. Your body is going to lOVE you for it! The only thing I would recommend is, make sure not to mix with metal spoon; the clay does not "Act" as strong when it comes in contact with metal, so make sure you are mixing the clay into it with a plastic spoon. Try to not let it touch metal, as it makes it less powerful!

  4. My daughter is 2.5 and has cultured MRSA on a pesky diaper rash that has been bothering her for about 3.5 months now. We're midway through a 2 week oral antibiotic and a topical antibiotic cream (but the rash is still there - milder, but still there). The natural pharmacist in our town suggested Manuka honey orally and a paste of clay/calendula tea to draw out the bacteria from the skin, rather than the topical abx cream. I'm freaked that the rest of us will have it by now. I haven't been told to do anything like nose swabs, bleach baths, etc. and I'm freaking out that it will be spreading. I have read a lot in the past few days and on one hand, I read that people get it and it's easy to get rid of, and on the other hand I find sites like yours where it is definitely not. I don't know what to do and nobody I know even knows what MRSA is. To cap it off, my little one has Cystic Fibrosis and it is a big big big problem if MRSA gets into her lungs. We have great docs but I'm not sure if they are being too calm about it all. What would you do? She doesn't get boils but just this pesky rash. Should I go full-on with the nose abx etc for all of us? Or wait and see if this kicks it? I really appreciate the info you share here, and your time. It's very comforting to read another mama's words who knows what this bacteria is. I appreciate any advice, and thank you. :)

    1. I am soooo sorry to hear about the MRSA on your 2 year old, especially given her condition. I hope all goes well!
      First, I hope I can allievate some of your worry that you all might already have it. I didn't get it for MONTHS after my daughter, so there is a good chance you all do not have it, as yet. PLUS, if it IS in your nose or on your body, and not in your bloodstream I feel you have a GREAT chance of getting rid of it.... if it is just topical. HOWEVER, it is ALWAYS best to play careful with anything! yes I would ABSOLUTLY suggest nose swabs, and essential oil baths right away. (I think the baths will only complement the natural pharmacists recommendations) I would suggest also those who shower instead of bath using a antibacterial body wash, I recently have been using a silver soap I found on amazon for like 5 bucks, I and have really liked the results! Or there are some other suggestions in earlier posts.
      Second, I totally understand your confusion about some people kick it easy and some don't. I am still baffled. I had a niece who had MRSA a few years before us, she took antibiotics and has never had a days worry since.. However, I have two hypothesis, one- we have a really strong strain. Two- we have compromised immune systems...I wrote about that one in another post. I would always recommend being careful, rather than wait it out!
      Third, I do think the majority of doctors are good men and women doing their best, and really want what is best for their patients.... However, I think some doctors don't know that much about it, some may be too calm about it, and some might just be stupid! So it is up to you to take care of your family, and read as much as you can and consult with as many mrsa well educated people as possible!
      Fourth, I think the natural suggests your got from your pharmacist sound like sound and good advice. A great place to begin! I would do that in addition to the baths and the nose swabs.
      If you have any question syou can submit a comment with your # or email on it, I will not publish it and I will contact you if you would like!
      Good luck, and I hope she is better soon!