Monday, February 3, 2014

Underlying Conditions: Could they be preventing your body from ridding itself of MRSA?

So this terrible thing started with my cute, then, three year old; who is now five- almost six.

These haven't been my best years, but there have been some good things.

However, the point of this post is: first my 3 year old got it, a month later my husband. Quite a few months later, my youngest and myself got it - about the same time. It seems my 3 year old, and husband got rid of it; why not me and my youngest?

Using the many methods I have told you about, I haven't seen anything on my 5 year old for about a year; after about 1 1/2 years of battleing it. My husband suffered on and off for a few months, but so far there has been no return for many months. Yeah! (Although, I wonder if we have really gotten rid of it or if it is waiting for a suppressed immune system.)

However, my youngest who is now 2, will occasionally show signs when her immune system is depressed; AND I have been battleing it ever since I contracted it. Never with full relief. (There have definitly been things that have helped.)

And so I pondered "Why am I, and my youngest, still having boils; and my other family members are not?"

I am sure there are MANY things that play a role in this.
  * First, I have a real hard time letting go of sugar, even though I have DRASTICALLY reduced. It feeds the darn stuff, Oh I wish I didn't LOVE sugar! My husband can give or take sugar, not hard for him to give up at all.
  *Second, I have always had tummy problems, and trouble eliminating (must be said).
 * Third, after researching further I feel that my LIVER may be unhealthy and thus unable to perform its function of flushing out the toxins.
  *There could be more, but this is what I am worried about at this time.

I feel my daughters underlying condition that may play a role is that her body is currently fighting a battle with Molescum, which is a type of super contagious warts that many children get, and are usually able to be absolved of after 1 -3 years. So once her body had bested the molescum, maybe her body can fight the MRSA better.

So after much research I have put myself on a "Liver Cleansing Diet", which, IF this is one of the reasons I am unable to rid myself of this, it might increase my chances of defeating it.

So, ask your self, "Could I possibly have an underlying issue, that is making it to hard for my body to fight this?"
If you cannot eliminate regularly, your might have an issue.
If you have fatty liver disease, you might have an issue.
If your body is too acidic, you might have an issue
If you have candida, it may be an issue.
If you have parasites, it may be an issue.
If you have a virus such as warts, it may be an issue.
If you eat a lot of sugar, it may be an issue.

The point of this post is for those who have struggled for a long period of time, you MAY have some underlying issues you need to address that will allow your body to fight the bacteria better! Seems logical doesn't it?

Talk to your doctor, about any thing or issue that you can address that may help your body to fight the MRSA better!

I will talk further about the "Liver cleansing" diet in another post.

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