Monday, February 3, 2014

$$$$$$ What have we tried! $$$$$$

Ok trying to get rid of MRSA, yikes! The money we have spent could have taken us to Disneyland a few times over. Money, money, money...

So let me tell you what we have tried, and you can maybe save yourself some!

*Antibiotics - Tried (glad we did) good starting point
*Bleach baths - Tried (worked, but had unpleasant side effects )
*Hibiclens - Tried, worked. Hard on our skin. Fairly expensive.
*Manuka Honey - Tried with some success, not a biggie in my book. Not super pricey, but not cheap.
*Vitamin D3 - Tried, SOOOO happy to have the info. The more I research it the more I am happy this is some information I found. Use it everyday. Super cheap!
*Vitamin C therapy - Tried - IV vitamin c therapy, good but no amazing benefits. (maybe I didn't try it often enough, but who has enough money for 2x $85 a week?)
*Colloidal Silver - Tried, Awesome! We use 'Silver sol' up or noses, and internally. I think I totally got rid of pink eye with it. Yes, worth the money! Did not rid, but can TELL a difference when using it! Not super expensive!
*Iodine - Tried, SOOOO happy to have the info. Look into this, and you will see most people don't have     enough. Doctors can test you to see your levels. Low iodine can play a role in low thyroid too! I take natural kelp to supplement. Not expensive!
*Garlic(Allicin) - Tried, helped; but way too expensive, and the results( for us) were similar to 'silver sol' which is WAY less expensive. Not so impressed.
*Aloe Vera -  Used this before outbreak. Think this is a good product, and helps move things through your   system! Not expensive.
*Ginger -   Tried, use it in an immunity tea some mornings. (steeped fresh ginger, 1/2 fresh lemon ,and       cayenne) it rocks my colds! Not expensive.
*Essential oils  - Tried many of them. Love them! Wouldn't be without them! Give my kids baths with tea tree oil and lavender almost everyday, instead of bleach baths! Can get expensive.
*Green drinks - Tried. Juicing. Green smoothies. EXCELLENT. NOT EXPENSIVE!
 ****"Perfect food raw"(garden of life brand)- green drink- Had FABULOUS results with this. NOT expensive. About .70 cents a serving. I use it EVERY day, one of the things I will NEVER be WITHOUT. AWESOME!
*Bentonite Clay - Tried it. Love it! Wouldn't be without it. Has MANY benefits! Look into this one! NOT   expensive!
*pHenomenal water -   Tried it. Like it. Pretty expensive, but probably worth it.
*Diet -    Tried it, Love it. Worth it. It can get expensive, but LOTS of fruits and vegis are less expensive than going out to eat too! Your call!
*'MRSA secrets revealed' book  - Tried it. Like it. I think worth it! Pretty expensive!
*MMS -   Bought, haven't tried, doing my liver cleanse first. Not expensive.
*Liver cleanse - Tried, so far so good! Like the results. Not expensive.
*Eat to live - Tried, FABULOUS. Love the results. NOT expensive.
*Awesomely Alkaline Moisturizer - LOVE LOVE LOVE this, made a BIG difference. You can buy at "MRSA HERO" not cheap, not expensive..

If I help someone not spend as much as we have, and they are helped. All the money we spent will not be in vain.


  1. We have tried many of the same things....Wondering if you have tried the MMS yet? I have some and am trying to gear myself up for the protocol 1000.

    1. No, not yet. Still working on cleaning my liver. But will post when I do! I think it is worth a try and not super expensive.... I don't think it would have negative effects. You update us if is helps! Good luck!

  2. I have tried MMS, I read quite a bit of information on it before I did. I think it seems sound. Did it work for me.. I didn't give it long enough to find out. The diet while using MMS does restrict a lot of foods that I found invaluable to me, so I chose to not continue. But in my personal opinion, I think it seems like a good option, and I think the creator of the product has only good intentions, despite the negative information I read while looking into it. I did not notice ANY harm while using it, and have read some really amazing stories. I am in the PRO-MMS camp...I just chose not to continue based on the other dietary restrictions.