Monday, February 3, 2014

"Perfect Food Raw" - Garden of life brand - FABULOUS

So I saw the movie
"Fat, sick, and nearly dead"

It was a pretty interesting movie. Regardless of your interest or dis-interest with 'juice fasting' this show is worth, at least, watching.

Anyway, really liked the information. And decided to get a juicer, and juice my self to health. Although I just added juice to my current diet. I did not do a juice fast.

Anywho, I liked the results, and knew my body liked the nutrition it was getting. Didn't think I needed to improve on anything. I had some really good, healthful, delicious juices almost everyday.

However, my steam did start to flounder, because it was a lot of prep, clean-up, and sometimes wasted produce. So I needed an alternative on the days I could't bring myself to juice, or I was on the run... Thus, I stumbled across the product "The perfect food' by Garden of Life.

My first taste of 'perfect food raw' I almost gagged, same with second, third and fourth. But I knew it was good for me so I chugged it down each time. Then the most amazing thing happened... I had been juicing for about a month and a half with no outside tangible benefits to my body; but after a week of being consistent with the "perfect food raw" I saw some real improvements to my MRSA boils. Tangible Improvements!

This stuff is AMAZING! Totally, recommend it. I drink it straight, and in smoothies.

I add the regular 'green' kind to a mango, pineapple, oj smoothie. Yummy! My 12 year old loves it.

I add the 'chocolate' perfect raw food, with 1 frozen banana, and chocolate almond milk. And my youngest three don't even know they were getting their greens. Seriously, can not tell.

I think this should be in everyone's pantry! AMAZING!

If you are battling MRSA, this is an effective tool in helping your body's defenses!

$$$$$$ What have we tried! $$$$$$

Ok trying to get rid of MRSA, yikes! The money we have spent could have taken us to Disneyland a few times over. Money, money, money...

So let me tell you what we have tried, and you can maybe save yourself some!

*Antibiotics - Tried (glad we did) good starting point
*Bleach baths - Tried (worked, but had unpleasant side effects )
*Hibiclens - Tried, worked. Hard on our skin. Fairly expensive.
*Manuka Honey - Tried with some success, not a biggie in my book. Not super pricey, but not cheap.
*Vitamin D3 - Tried, SOOOO happy to have the info. The more I research it the more I am happy this is some information I found. Use it everyday. Super cheap!
*Vitamin C therapy - Tried - IV vitamin c therapy, good but no amazing benefits. (maybe I didn't try it often enough, but who has enough money for 2x $85 a week?)
*Colloidal Silver - Tried, Awesome! We use 'Silver sol' up or noses, and internally. I think I totally got rid of pink eye with it. Yes, worth the money! Did not rid, but can TELL a difference when using it! Not super expensive!
*Iodine - Tried, SOOOO happy to have the info. Look into this, and you will see most people don't have     enough. Doctors can test you to see your levels. Low iodine can play a role in low thyroid too! I take natural kelp to supplement. Not expensive!
*Garlic(Allicin) - Tried, helped; but way too expensive, and the results( for us) were similar to 'silver sol' which is WAY less expensive. Not so impressed.
*Aloe Vera -  Used this before outbreak. Think this is a good product, and helps move things through your   system! Not expensive.
*Ginger -   Tried, use it in an immunity tea some mornings. (steeped fresh ginger, 1/2 fresh lemon ,and       cayenne) it rocks my colds! Not expensive.
*Essential oils  - Tried many of them. Love them! Wouldn't be without them! Give my kids baths with tea tree oil and lavender almost everyday, instead of bleach baths! Can get expensive.
*Green drinks - Tried. Juicing. Green smoothies. EXCELLENT. NOT EXPENSIVE!
 ****"Perfect food raw"(garden of life brand)- green drink- Had FABULOUS results with this. NOT expensive. About .70 cents a serving. I use it EVERY day, one of the things I will NEVER be WITHOUT. AWESOME!
*Bentonite Clay - Tried it. Love it! Wouldn't be without it. Has MANY benefits! Look into this one! NOT   expensive!
*pHenomenal water -   Tried it. Like it. Pretty expensive, but probably worth it.
*Diet -    Tried it, Love it. Worth it. It can get expensive, but LOTS of fruits and vegis are less expensive than going out to eat too! Your call!
*'MRSA secrets revealed' book  - Tried it. Like it. I think worth it! Pretty expensive!
*MMS -   Bought, haven't tried, doing my liver cleanse first. Not expensive.
*Liver cleanse - Tried, so far so good! Like the results. Not expensive.
*Eat to live - Tried, FABULOUS. Love the results. NOT expensive.
*Awesomely Alkaline Moisturizer - LOVE LOVE LOVE this, made a BIG difference. You can buy at "MRSA HERO" not cheap, not expensive..

If I help someone not spend as much as we have, and they are helped. All the money we spent will not be in vain.

Bentonite clay & Phenomenal water

Ok so I have tried many things, in fact I think I will do a post of all the things I have tried, and its outcomes, but for now I am addressing two products, one of which I have reviewed previously.

I stumbled across the term bentonite clay while researching online... probably for MRSA. However, after reading about it (it did not say directly anything about MRSA) I thought perhaps this would be a useful tool in my fight against MRSA.

So I bought the hydrated kind off amazon, for like 6 dollars a bottle:

Which I mix with a 'fiber' to help the clay continue through your system, called fiber 3:

Wow. All I can say is wow. This stuff ROCKS! I have had GREAT results with this product! As you can see I linked to amazon, I am not getting reimbursed to say it. This is really great stuff. Has it cured me? NO? However, I have had some underground boils,on the right side of my face for months and months, they never have broke the surface but are always there. After using the clay for a few weeks (always practicing a better diet), they are all but gone! Seriously, awesome stuff. Do your own research, talk with your own doctor. My experience has been very positive.

The other thing I would like to 're-review' is the Phenomenal water. The more I use this product, the more I think this is a good product. Look into it. It makes sense, the bacteria has some protections that other bacteria do not, the water is suppose to 'pull' the extra hydrogen out of your body, which is suppose to take the bacteria's protection away.  Again, do your own research and talk with your doctor, but we have had good results with this product! Although I REALLY wish it wasn't so crazy expensive. It really makes it hard for the average "Joe" to afford. I guess they know when you are desperate you will pay close to anything. Yikes!

"Eat to live" & the "Liver cleansing diet"

So when you have a problem, our natural instinct is to fight and resolve it.

My search for absolution has taken me on many roads....

One night I was up late watching PBS, and "Joel Fuhman" was on talking about his book "Eat to live" and "Super Immunity". Which of course caught my eye... "super immunity" yes, please!

So I went to the library and reserved the book "Eat to live", when I got it, I read it in large chunks, then all the way through. (light over my head)....... Of course, food has a role in our bodies ability to fight disease. Duh. We all know that, but do we apply the knowledge or want our brownies too much? Mmmm, brownies.

I bought the book, and reference it often, because once you have good information it is wise to reference it on a regular basis to keep your course true.

I then stumbled upon the book "The Liver Cleansing Diet" By Dr. Cabot. Wow! Food can hurt us or heal us. Revolutionary!

I personally feel my liver has taken years of abuse from my poor diet. I remember having 'ho ho's' and chocolate milk for breakfast in highschool on a regular basis. GROSS! And why wasn't I 300 lbs? Seriously, teenagers don't make the best food choices! In an article I read in my "Parents" Magazine July 2012 there was an article "Sugar Shocker" where Dr. Robert Lustig is quoted saying "A can of soda and a can of beer have the same strain on the liver." "Fructose is alcohol without the buzz."  I, thankfully, have never had to worry about beer on my liver, because I have never drank beer. But sugar....... WOW, yes I have inhaled probably more than the average soul, for sure. Hamburgers, yes please. I like the healthy stuff, thankfully (thanks mom), but I LOVE the bad stuff! So it would be safe to assume that my liver needs a little TLC....

If you are battling MRSA, these books are worth looking into. The more information you have the better your choices can be! Knowledge is DEFINILTY power.

I have bought both of them. And have actually bought more as gifts for those I love! They have impacted me that much! I almost wish "Eat to live" was required reading..... almost!

I feel these books as treasure troves of how to keep your body its healthiest!

Underlying Conditions: Could they be preventing your body from ridding itself of MRSA?

So this terrible thing started with my cute, then, three year old; who is now five- almost six.

These haven't been my best years, but there have been some good things.

However, the point of this post is: first my 3 year old got it, a month later my husband. Quite a few months later, my youngest and myself got it - about the same time. It seems my 3 year old, and husband got rid of it; why not me and my youngest?

Using the many methods I have told you about, I haven't seen anything on my 5 year old for about a year; after about 1 1/2 years of battleing it. My husband suffered on and off for a few months, but so far there has been no return for many months. Yeah! (Although, I wonder if we have really gotten rid of it or if it is waiting for a suppressed immune system.)

However, my youngest who is now 2, will occasionally show signs when her immune system is depressed; AND I have been battleing it ever since I contracted it. Never with full relief. (There have definitly been things that have helped.)

And so I pondered "Why am I, and my youngest, still having boils; and my other family members are not?"

I am sure there are MANY things that play a role in this.
  * First, I have a real hard time letting go of sugar, even though I have DRASTICALLY reduced. It feeds the darn stuff, Oh I wish I didn't LOVE sugar! My husband can give or take sugar, not hard for him to give up at all.
  *Second, I have always had tummy problems, and trouble eliminating (must be said).
 * Third, after researching further I feel that my LIVER may be unhealthy and thus unable to perform its function of flushing out the toxins.
  *There could be more, but this is what I am worried about at this time.

I feel my daughters underlying condition that may play a role is that her body is currently fighting a battle with Molescum, which is a type of super contagious warts that many children get, and are usually able to be absolved of after 1 -3 years. So once her body had bested the molescum, maybe her body can fight the MRSA better.

So after much research I have put myself on a "Liver Cleansing Diet", which, IF this is one of the reasons I am unable to rid myself of this, it might increase my chances of defeating it.

So, ask your self, "Could I possibly have an underlying issue, that is making it to hard for my body to fight this?"
If you cannot eliminate regularly, your might have an issue.
If you have fatty liver disease, you might have an issue.
If your body is too acidic, you might have an issue
If you have candida, it may be an issue.
If you have parasites, it may be an issue.
If you have a virus such as warts, it may be an issue.
If you eat a lot of sugar, it may be an issue.

The point of this post is for those who have struggled for a long period of time, you MAY have some underlying issues you need to address that will allow your body to fight the bacteria better! Seems logical doesn't it?

Talk to your doctor, about any thing or issue that you can address that may help your body to fight the MRSA better!

I will talk further about the "Liver cleansing" diet in another post.

What I wish someone had told us at the beginning

If someone had told us at the beginning: ***

I.    *****Swab your noses (everyone in the family) with 'bactroban" (a heavy duty neosporin) 2xs a day for 7 - 10 days!***

(We now do this monthly, to be sure, with a homeopathic treatment spray of 'silver sol')

II.   *****Wash all the bodies in your home with an strong antibacterial wash (hibiclens) at least twice a week.***

(We now do this with a homeopathic bath of bath salts mixed with tea tree oil, and lavander, and wash with a essential oil body wash for adults and older children, at least twice weekly.)

If someone had told us these two things, at the beginning, I think we could have avoided a lot of heartache. 

If someone has MRSA at your house, and not everyone had contracted it, BY ALL MEANS talk to your doctor about everyone in the house doing this ASAP.  They told us this information after many months. Whooops. Wish they had given us precautions earlier. Not useful to hold that information back. Treat it as worst case scenario, instead best, and people will come out ahead.

Once this bacteria is in the blood stream, therein lies the difficult battle. If, then, you can kill it in your nose and on your skin before it enters the bloodstream, you can avoid heartache. 


Again, once this bacteria is in the blood stream, therein lies the difficult battle. If, then, you can kill it in your nose and on your skin before it enters the bloodstream, you can avoid heartache. 

Hospitals now swab peoples noses for MRSA when admitted, and they when they are released; because that is a VERY common place for people to be colonized with this bacteria. Some people can have it up their nose and have no symptoms, but can give it to others unknowingly.

WISH, WISH, WISH we had known this at the beginning. I really feel it would have helped others in the household not aquire this!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letter to someone who may have mrsa

(This is a letter I wrote to someone who was told by their doctor they may have MRSA, this is a edited version of the letter I wrote. Please note: she had already been to see a doctor, and was prescribed antibiotics, I encouraged her to follow the doctors advice and add this info to what protocol he established.)

First, STOP eating sugars as much as possible. It may be hard to go cold turkey, so if cold turkey sounds to daunting, just start reducing, and replacing with the stevia and fruit choices. If you mess up, drink some lemonade and add extra greens! (soda WAY bad, if you have to have some, there is a stevia cola at harmons or the health food store. It is about a dollar a can, but well worth it)

Eat healthy food, watch simple carbs carefully. and eat carbs with a protien so it doesn't spike your sugars. Nuts and cheese are a good bet!

Second, Drink your green stuff RELIGIOUSLY! It actually has some probiotics in it. It will help your bodies immune system, give you vitamins and minerals, and make your body inhospitable to the bacteria. Drink IT. I think "GARDEN OF LIFE"'s 'Perfect Food, Raw' is AWESOME. I have seen it help me with a major turn around!!! I think this is a MAJOR factor of my better place right now.

Third, I have been taking medicinal grade oils two drops twice a day. Two hours before or after medications. It is fine with food. This will not only battle bacteria, but because you are taking the antibiotic, the antis may allow fungus to overgrow, the oils won't allow it to overgrow! In fact, continue with the oils, at least a couple of weeks after antibiotics -- just to make sure the antibiotics don't do a worse thing to your tummy!  DO THIS ONLY WHILE CONSULTING A DOCTOR, AND USE ONLY THE RIGHT GRADE TO PREVENT INJURY.

Fourth, drink lemon juice, and stevia, at least once a day. This helps help your liver get rid of toxins and dead bacteria, and may help alkalize your body.

Fifth, do not share towels, soap, etc. Use body washes, your own towel. etc.

Sixth, wash your body twice a week, with the natural anti-bacterial wash (and other people in your house). Turn off the water and rub your body for at least two min.-  max 10. Then lotion your bod. Bacteria can get in dry skin easier than properly moisturized skin, add a drop of lavender, or on guard for extra protection.

Don't bath unless you have cleaned the tub. Bacteria can stay on surfaces for long periods. We wash ours every time we bath.

Seveth, diffuse oils in each room for a half hour, at least every other day. Especially the bathroom. When you have taken a shower, leave the fan on for at least an hour after so it isn't humid. Bacteria like moist dark places.

Eighth, keep the wound covered. Apply lavender a couple of times a day,  until it has healed.

Ninth, Wash wash wash!  hands, towels, light switches, commonly touched places. I give the my girls the job to clean light switches, phones, door knobs, on a twice weekly basis.

Tenth, Sleep! turn off the tv or your computer mon-fri after 5pm. read to each other, play solitare, but get to bed, sleep with help you fight it.

Eleveth - Remember vitamin d, and c-

12th- RELAX, your body is prime for viruses and bacteria when your body is acidic, stress makes you more acidic. Do yoga, pray (they have proven it is similar to meditation in its benefits), read a great book, blog, journal.... use your lavender...REALLY try to find 20 min each day (or more) or in sessions to really focus on relaxing. Walking is an excellent way to de-stress.
Read as much as your can. I believe we are going to COMPLETLY rid ourselves of it. The sooner you start the better.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

pHenomenal Water - Helps

pHenomenal water.

What is it? It is a product you add to water (distilled perferably) that helps to make your body more alkaline, and thus suppose to make the body a place the bacteria cannot live.

Our experience thus far has been positive, and follows in line what we have learned from other sources. I recommend it.

The guy promoting the product, obviously, loves his product and thinks it is amazing. I like it. He, however, discourages other things I know have been helpful.... therefore, I like the product and think it will help.. but beware if he turns you off to other GOOD things.

He also writes in such a way, as to make you feel he is a little strange, (IE mention of the 'borg'), but DON"T  let that 'off put' you. I think it is a genuinely GOOD PRODUCT that will be helpful in your battle against MRSA, and I think he really does want to help others.

In summation, I think it is a good product and recommend it. The dude is a little strange but well meaning, and the product is worth it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Essential Oils class

For those interesed in using essential oils to better help your families health, I absolutly believe the oils have helped to keep this bacteria from becoming worse in my family. I wanted to share this with others because I feel it helped us, and when you find something that helps, you just want to share and help others.

If you are interested in finding an oil class you can contact me, or truly, you probably already know someone that is already using the oils, and would be happy to help.

I have not opted to include ads on this blog, and I receive no free products or discounts for any of the products I discuss on this blog. That way you can know I am 100% sincere in what I feel helped us.

I can only recommend the following brands of essential oils, based on what I have read and also what I have experienced. I use the Doterra brand of oils. I like them and feel they are excellent quality, and give the results I need. The only other brand I recommend is by Young Living. Please research the oils before you rush out to buy essential oils. The brands I recommend are so pure they can be injested. Some brands cannot be injested, and may be processed with chemicals and solvents. Check the labeling carefully. A story listed in the "MRSA secrets revealed book", talks about a women who injested some essential oil that was NOT one of the brands I recommend, and it burned her throat.  This is not a pitch, this is a starting place for you to start your own research and read as much as you can.

You don't have to buy the brand I buy, I have recommended another, and you can research to find more. This stuff helps! It just has to be the right kind.

I have read as much information as I can get my hands on. I have more information to share, that I will be posting.

Again, read what I have listed as a starting point for your own research. I hope all the work and money we have spent will benefit more than just my family.

If you are interested in finding an oil class you can contact me, or truly, you probably already know someone that is already using the oils, and would be happy to help.

*Please note, I have always recommened going to the doctor as a first line of defense! If you saw me on 'Good things Utah' I actually said to start with a doctor. I believe doctors to be essential to your recovery and am so grateful to the doctors that helped us. Doctors first! I totally encourage talking with your doctor about using any of the things I recommend.

The studies I mentioned citing the effectiveness of the oils were listed in the "MRSA secerets revealed book." Where she cites studies in her index.

Here is another study:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cold air diffuser + Essential oils

Ok, we swear by using a cold air diffuser. We actually had been introduced to a diffuser about two weeks before our daughter aquired MRSA. I was interested because we had been sick so much the previous school year, but didn't feel like we could cough up the money. But our priorities changed with the aquistion of MRSA. We bought one for our daughtr and have loved it. We feel that is why the other girls have not gotten MRSA. Here is why I suggest it to others, the microbiologist who wrote 'MRSA secrets reveled.' sights studies where they state the effectiveness of diffusing THEREPUTIC GRADE essential oils in the air may have the ability to kill bacteria in the air and on surfaces. The person who introduced us to them, had some pretty amazing stories to tell about people she knew having success. DoTerra sells some diffusers, but you can find many on-line, just make sure they are COLD AIR diffusers, and that your are using the right essentail oils, or it will just smell good but not DO good! REALLY WE FEEL THIS IS ONE OF OUR MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS. I feel I can have people over, if I am running the diffuser, and they won't aquire the MRSA.

Clean green

 I have tried, given much of the reading I have done, to start cleaning more green (healthfully). Not only is it suppose to help combat the MRSA, but is suppose to help immune function, so that your body is not battling toxins from your enviornment. I buy the 'Seventh generation' all purpose cleaner. It states it is 99.9 percent effective against most bacteria (same as the national best selling cleaner), and is thymol based (which is made from the essential oil thyme). I used to clean with a bleach based cleaner, and a cleanser. I now use the 'Seventh Generation', and for scrubbing I use baking soda. I also have made some antibacterial sprays using witch hazel (found at walmart next to rubbing alcohol) and 10-20 drops each of lavander and tea tree oil. ( I actually also use this spray to spray my babies bum after I change her, to keep bacteria from breeding) I use these oils the most, because as I have read are the safest for kids.  However, there are many proven effective oils that you may want to consider. I also have some hand sanitizer that I have bought from DoTerra that I carry in my purse called 'OnGuard".  I know cleaning green may sound 'too far' but it isn't any more expensive that the national brand, and baking soda is cheap.WHY NOT?  If it is proven just as effective?
Some people would say I may have went overboard.. but those people have NOT battled MRSA. When you will do just about anything to get your child back to health... don't judge until you have walked in someone else's shoes.

Immunity - Green drinks (smoothies)

Would you like your families immune system to become stronger? Even if you don't have MRSA?

When battling MRSA all the doctors, naturepaths, herbologists, information read online, have said the key is a stong immunity!

Ok- so how do you boost immunity? Here is a list of things by  Pedatricians, Herbololigists, Naturopaths, and the Microbiologist who wrote 'MRSA secrets reveled'.

Healthy foods! Lots of fruits and vegis. (You may need to keep introducing)
Cut back on sugar (Makes your body acidic, friendly to bacteria and viruses) Use stevia.
Rest. (Most kids could use more.)
Vitamins (Listed in another post.)
Yogurt or probiotics.
GREEN DRINKS. (Makes your body more alkaline and less hospitalable to the bad guys)

We now have cut back on sugar quite a bit, not perfect, but... the vitamins I think have helped TREMEDOUSLY, I am more sure she eats her fruits and vegis, gets sleep.

But we totally are into the green drinks thing! Green drinks help your body by making your body more alkaline, therefore making your body less hospitable to bacteria and viruses.  This WORKS! (It may even help with acne.)
You can make your own, there are LOTS of recipes online, or we buy 'BOLTHOUSE FARMS' - 'Green Goodness'. It is full of amazing things, and it tastes SCRUMPTIOUS. Even picky kids should love this!

So our best plan for immunity is - fruits, vegis, sleep, vitamins, low sugar, herbs, and MOST IMPORTANT TO THIS POST... GREEN DRINKS! We are a green drinking family! Bottoms up!


Vitamin D3
Vitamin C

So in about Jan. of this year, I met a women with MS who I overheard telling someone else she hadn't been sick for years. After their converstation ended, and inquired what she attributed her health to. She said she takes high doses of vitamin d, and vitamin c and gives them to her children.
Ok that being said,  we started ASAP on a vitamin d & c, regime right away, and this week is the first week she has been sick since! I think partly because we were lax about vitamins and bedtimes. Here are links to two articles I think helped make up our mind about the subject.

We give my other kids about 1000 units a day, and my child with MRSA 5000 Units a day. I take about 4000, and so does my husdand. My sister started takes high doses, and says she notices she is less depressed, which if you do your research has been proven to do. Do your research and decide for your family. Vitamin d3, not d2, I've read is best for your body, and and buffered vitamin C is better for your body than absorbic acid.

I absolutly think Vitamin D and C are one of the most IMPORTANT keys to our battle with this bacteria. Please do your own research, but I personally have seen a difference in all the members of my family's health with these products.

No bleach baths - oils + salts

Bleach baths (yuck) - Bath Salts w/ lavander and tea tree oil

Ok, so we have been doing bleach baths to combat this terrible bacteria. Yikes. The purpose of the bleach bath is to kill MRSA on the skin. Well I am SOOOOO happy to inform you, that we went out on a limb (following some advice) and mixed bath salt with theraputic grade essential oils, and we have had just as good results with this!! Meaning - I think the oils kill the bacteria ON her skin JUST AS WELL as the bleach. 
*The salts are also suppose to soften skin, and may help with exzema, detoxify, and help with aches and pains. (The salt, when mixed with the oils, help the oils not to float on top, but to dissolve in the water.)
*The oils are suppose to kill the bacteria, help with immune function, and the lavander is suppose to help soothe at night. BONUS!
Do your own research and you will be sold! We take about 1/4 cup salts and mix with about four drops of each oil.  Mix the salts and oils before adding to the bath.
We do this about every day, I would recommend at least everyother day for someone who has MRSA. And would recommend twice a week, for someone who doesn't have this but who just never wants to get this.
I am so happy when I walk in her room at night and do not smell the overpowering scent of bleach. For us, this has worked EQUALLY as well as the bleach baths, been better for her skin, and her immune system. We buy DoTerra oils, but you can buy any HIGH QUALITY oils if they are Theraputic grade. Talk to your doctor about your options!

*Also, if you have members in your house hold who have not acquired MRSA yet, I TOTALLY recommend buying a natural body wash and mixing 10-20 drops of these oils into it, and having the family members wash twice weekly. Or if you have children who still take baths, I recommend placing them  in a newly cleaned tub, with this oils and salts twice weekly. This can help those who do not have the bacteria, from getting it.  I WISH we had done this sooner.