Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letter to someone who may have mrsa

(This is a letter I wrote to someone who was told by their doctor they may have MRSA, this is a edited version of the letter I wrote. Please note: she had already been to see a doctor, and was prescribed antibiotics, I encouraged her to follow the doctors advice and add this info to what protocol he established.)

First, STOP eating sugars as much as possible. It may be hard to go cold turkey, so if cold turkey sounds to daunting, just start reducing, and replacing with the stevia and fruit choices. If you mess up, drink some lemonade and add extra greens! (soda WAY bad, if you have to have some, there is a stevia cola at harmons or the health food store. It is about a dollar a can, but well worth it)

Eat healthy food, watch simple carbs carefully. and eat carbs with a protien so it doesn't spike your sugars. Nuts and cheese are a good bet!

Second, Drink your green stuff RELIGIOUSLY! It actually has some probiotics in it. It will help your bodies immune system, give you vitamins and minerals, and make your body inhospitable to the bacteria. Drink IT. I think "GARDEN OF LIFE"'s 'Perfect Food, Raw' is AWESOME. I have seen it help me with a major turn around!!! I think this is a MAJOR factor of my better place right now.

Third, I have been taking medicinal grade oils two drops twice a day. Two hours before or after medications. It is fine with food. This will not only battle bacteria, but because you are taking the antibiotic, the antis may allow fungus to overgrow, the oils won't allow it to overgrow! In fact, continue with the oils, at least a couple of weeks after antibiotics -- just to make sure the antibiotics don't do a worse thing to your tummy!  DO THIS ONLY WHILE CONSULTING A DOCTOR, AND USE ONLY THE RIGHT GRADE TO PREVENT INJURY.

Fourth, drink lemon juice, and stevia, at least once a day. This helps help your liver get rid of toxins and dead bacteria, and may help alkalize your body.

Fifth, do not share towels, soap, etc. Use body washes, your own towel. etc.

Sixth, wash your body twice a week, with the natural anti-bacterial wash (and other people in your house). Turn off the water and rub your body for at least two min.-  max 10. Then lotion your bod. Bacteria can get in dry skin easier than properly moisturized skin, add a drop of lavender, or on guard for extra protection.

Don't bath unless you have cleaned the tub. Bacteria can stay on surfaces for long periods. We wash ours every time we bath.

Seveth, diffuse oils in each room for a half hour, at least every other day. Especially the bathroom. When you have taken a shower, leave the fan on for at least an hour after so it isn't humid. Bacteria like moist dark places.

Eighth, keep the wound covered. Apply lavender a couple of times a day,  until it has healed.

Ninth, Wash wash wash!  hands, towels, light switches, commonly touched places. I give the my girls the job to clean light switches, phones, door knobs, on a twice weekly basis.

Tenth, Sleep! turn off the tv or your computer mon-fri after 5pm. read to each other, play solitare, but get to bed, sleep with help you fight it.

Eleveth - Remember vitamin d, and c-

12th- RELAX, your body is prime for viruses and bacteria when your body is acidic, stress makes you more acidic. Do yoga, pray (they have proven it is similar to meditation in its benefits), read a great book, blog, journal.... use your lavender...REALLY try to find 20 min each day (or more) or in sessions to really focus on relaxing. Walking is an excellent way to de-stress.
Read as much as your can. I believe we are going to COMPLETLY rid ourselves of it. The sooner you start the better.


  1. Thank you for this! It was very helpful :)
    Have you ever used and of the doTERRA http://www.mynaturalmarket.com/doTERRA.html products? I've been looking at the lavender by them and I just want some opinions before purchasing. Which lavender do you use?

    1. Yes! Doterra is the brand I use! I know it is pure, and EFFECTIVE! You can purchase it here.. http://www.doterra.myvoffice.com/cherylsb/ from me, or purchase from anyone who sells doterra. I also recommend the brand from young living. I STRONGLY recommend only purchasing from these two companies, as I have heard many terrible stories of oils that are not pure, and have actually done harm in some instances.