Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No bleach baths - oils + salts

Bleach baths (yuck) - Bath Salts w/ lavander and tea tree oil

Ok, so we have been doing bleach baths to combat this terrible bacteria. Yikes. The purpose of the bleach bath is to kill MRSA on the skin. Well I am SOOOOO happy to inform you, that we went out on a limb (following some advice) and mixed bath salt with theraputic grade essential oils, and we have had just as good results with this!! Meaning - I think the oils kill the bacteria ON her skin JUST AS WELL as the bleach. 
*The salts are also suppose to soften skin, and may help with exzema, detoxify, and help with aches and pains. (The salt, when mixed with the oils, help the oils not to float on top, but to dissolve in the water.)
*The oils are suppose to kill the bacteria, help with immune function, and the lavander is suppose to help soothe at night. BONUS!
Do your own research and you will be sold! We take about 1/4 cup salts and mix with about four drops of each oil.  Mix the salts and oils before adding to the bath.
We do this about every day, I would recommend at least everyother day for someone who has MRSA. And would recommend twice a week, for someone who doesn't have this but who just never wants to get this.
I am so happy when I walk in her room at night and do not smell the overpowering scent of bleach. For us, this has worked EQUALLY as well as the bleach baths, been better for her skin, and her immune system. We buy DoTerra oils, but you can buy any HIGH QUALITY oils if they are Theraputic grade. Talk to your doctor about your options!

*Also, if you have members in your house hold who have not acquired MRSA yet, I TOTALLY recommend buying a natural body wash and mixing 10-20 drops of these oils into it, and having the family members wash twice weekly. Or if you have children who still take baths, I recommend placing them  in a newly cleaned tub, with this oils and salts twice weekly. This can help those who do not have the bacteria, from getting it.  I WISH we had done this sooner.


  1. I've been looking for a more natural route to go instead of using the bleach bath method and this sounds great! How often do you add this to the bath? My daughter has had MRSA and we're really trying to take the healiest path to not get it again. Thanks!

    1. At least every other day, but just since we are nervous... we actually give her a bath with the salts and oils almost every day.

  2. This is amazing to me. I am newish to DoTerra and yet have learned that there is something to these "magic" oils that I just can't put my finger on. I saw you on GTU and went to your blog immediately because I felt drawn to it. My son has a red boil on his bottom, after having diaper rash for a few days that wouldn't clear up. I am taking him to the doctor this morning because I am concerned it could be MRSA. Thank you for your valuable information...I am so sorry your family has had to go through something like this with your beautiful little girl, but you have provided others a way to make informed decisions using medical grade oils, of which I am 100% convinced work. I personally have migraines and use the DoTerra peppermint for them...most of the time I don't have to take any migraine medication orally once I use my oil. It's amazing and something I wish I had had with all three of my pregnancies, as I would get severe headaches that I couldn't take anything for (well, you know the drill). Anyway, thank you again!

  3. Hi there,
    I JUST found your blog, so forgive me if you've already disclosed this. Which oils do you use in the bath?
    I hope to hear back soon. Until then, I'm going to keep on reading to see how things worked out for you and your family.

  4. Hi! I am suffering from my 2nd breakout on my arm and somewhat on my face. It has been going on for 9 months so far. This first time lasted about 4 months and then it went dormant. I took bactrim that time which was prescribed to me before they found out it was MRSA. I never really finished the bottle of antibiotics. And this round I haven't taken any bc I throw them back up. My dermatologist told me that I should never take a bath while I have MRSA bc it can spread it from my arm to the rest of my body, which is how it made its way to my face. Reading this gives me hope bc I am so fatigued from my body fighting this superbug it's difficult to stand up in the shower nowadays. I will have to find those oils to go with my bath salts. Thanks for blogging about this! If you want to know an inexpensive way to make the scars fade away faster, don't hesitate to contact me. thank you and god bless! PS PineSol mixture in a spray bottle has helped me protect my family from catching this from me since I use it to mop, spritz on fabrics, and wipe down furniture and anything else I've touched that they may touch too (door knobs/tv remotes/couches) I even spray down the shower before I use it and wipe down the bath tub+rinse with pinesol before using anything. It helps when I don't have time to wash+dry everything daily. I also wear gloves and cover my arm with a adjusted sock for when I have to pick up my nieces and nephew. Somehow it's worked wonders, not sure why. BUT it's not bleach and there are diff scents :) Happy Thursday!

  5. Lillian, washing you body with a healthy antibiotic is SOOO important. Yes, please look into getting the oils, I would never be without them, and had NEVER used them before. They have come in handy for so many things. However, you can also use Hibiclens, as a body wash, just use a foaming pump so it doesn't go to waste; you can find it on amazon or i've seen it at walmart too. Also I have used silver soap, and sulfer soap with good results. I also liked the soap Oleavine Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree and Neem for Body; on amazon. Making sure you clean your body with something that works on bad bacteria and is not as harmful to good bacteria is very important! I also think cleaning with healthy products will also BOOST your immunity also, as I believe some of the commercial cleaners available make your liver work harder. You need your liver at is peak, to help your toxic load. So anthing you can do to reduce toxic exposure is good, including maybe using a essential oil based cleaner, as opposed to pinesol. Please read what I suggest for cleaning, I spray my shower with a antibacterial made with essential oils that I buy at target, and clean my tub daily with it too. You can, also, spray it on material as an antibacterial spray, and its cheap. SEVENTH GENERATION DISINFECTING spray, and I also use the doterra cleaner concentrate. I also would NEVER be without my diffuser, so read that post too. Cleaning your body, swabbing your nose, cleaning your enviorment, and alomst perfect diet..will be the cornerstones of recovery!