Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Immunity - Green drinks (smoothies)

Would you like your families immune system to become stronger? Even if you don't have MRSA?

When battling MRSA all the doctors, naturepaths, herbologists, information read online, have said the key is a stong immunity!

Ok- so how do you boost immunity? Here is a list of things by  Pedatricians, Herbololigists, Naturopaths, and the Microbiologist who wrote 'MRSA secrets reveled'.

Healthy foods! Lots of fruits and vegis. (You may need to keep introducing)
Cut back on sugar (Makes your body acidic, friendly to bacteria and viruses) Use stevia.
Rest. (Most kids could use more.)
Vitamins (Listed in another post.)
Yogurt or probiotics.
GREEN DRINKS. (Makes your body more alkaline and less hospitalable to the bad guys)

We now have cut back on sugar quite a bit, not perfect, but... the vitamins I think have helped TREMEDOUSLY, I am more sure she eats her fruits and vegis, gets sleep.

But we totally are into the green drinks thing! Green drinks help your body by making your body more alkaline, therefore making your body less hospitable to bacteria and viruses.  This WORKS! (It may even help with acne.)
You can make your own, there are LOTS of recipes online, or we buy 'BOLTHOUSE FARMS' - 'Green Goodness'. It is full of amazing things, and it tastes SCRUMPTIOUS. Even picky kids should love this!

So our best plan for immunity is - fruits, vegis, sleep, vitamins, low sugar, herbs, and MOST IMPORTANT TO THIS POST... GREEN DRINKS! We are a green drinking family! Bottoms up!

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