Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cold air diffuser + Essential oils

Ok, we swear by using a cold air diffuser. We actually had been introduced to a diffuser about two weeks before our daughter aquired MRSA. I was interested because we had been sick so much the previous school year, but didn't feel like we could cough up the money. But our priorities changed with the aquistion of MRSA. We bought one for our daughtr and have loved it. We feel that is why the other girls have not gotten MRSA. Here is why I suggest it to others, the microbiologist who wrote 'MRSA secrets reveled.' sights studies where they state the effectiveness of diffusing THEREPUTIC GRADE essential oils in the air may have the ability to kill bacteria in the air and on surfaces. The person who introduced us to them, had some pretty amazing stories to tell about people she knew having success. DoTerra sells some diffusers, but you can find many on-line, just make sure they are COLD AIR diffusers, and that your are using the right essentail oils, or it will just smell good but not DO good! REALLY WE FEEL THIS IS ONE OF OUR MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS. I feel I can have people over, if I am running the diffuser, and they won't aquire the MRSA.

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  1. Could you let me know the one you had shown on GTU? I have been considering getting one from DoTerra, but they are just so pricey. However, I want to use the OnGuard this winter and see if it helps us to stay well. My kids are constantly sick, so, I am using this as my last defense.