Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Vitamin D3
Vitamin C

So in about Jan. of this year, I met a women with MS who I overheard telling someone else she hadn't been sick for years. After their converstation ended, and inquired what she attributed her health to. She said she takes high doses of vitamin d, and vitamin c and gives them to her children.
Ok that being said,  we started ASAP on a vitamin d & c, regime right away, and this week is the first week she has been sick since! I think partly because we were lax about vitamins and bedtimes. Here are links to two articles I think helped make up our mind about the subject.

We give my other kids about 1000 units a day, and my child with MRSA 5000 Units a day. I take about 4000, and so does my husdand. My sister started takes high doses, and says she notices she is less depressed, which if you do your research has been proven to do. Do your research and decide for your family. Vitamin d3, not d2, I've read is best for your body, and and buffered vitamin C is better for your body than absorbic acid.

I absolutly think Vitamin D and C are one of the most IMPORTANT keys to our battle with this bacteria. Please do your own research, but I personally have seen a difference in all the members of my family's health with these products.

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