Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clean green

 I have tried, given much of the reading I have done, to start cleaning more green (healthfully). Not only is it suppose to help combat the MRSA, but is suppose to help immune function, so that your body is not battling toxins from your enviornment. I buy the 'Seventh generation' all purpose cleaner. It states it is 99.9 percent effective against most bacteria (same as the national best selling cleaner), and is thymol based (which is made from the essential oil thyme). I used to clean with a bleach based cleaner, and a cleanser. I now use the 'Seventh Generation', and for scrubbing I use baking soda. I also have made some antibacterial sprays using witch hazel (found at walmart next to rubbing alcohol) and 10-20 drops each of lavander and tea tree oil. ( I actually also use this spray to spray my babies bum after I change her, to keep bacteria from breeding) I use these oils the most, because as I have read are the safest for kids.  However, there are many proven effective oils that you may want to consider. I also have some hand sanitizer that I have bought from DoTerra that I carry in my purse called 'OnGuard".  I know cleaning green may sound 'too far' but it isn't any more expensive that the national brand, and baking soda is cheap.WHY NOT?  If it is proven just as effective?
Some people would say I may have went overboard.. but those people have NOT battled MRSA. When you will do just about anything to get your child back to health... don't judge until you have walked in someone else's shoes.

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