Monday, April 16, 2012


I have thought about starting a blog for the past few months. However, I kept waiting until we licked this bacteria, before sharing, so that I had information I felt was helpful. However, we are still waiting for the absolution from this bacteria.... so here is what I think helped, and hopefully we will get rid of it and you can benefit from our journey.

My daughter aquired MRSA in Sept. 2011. She was three at the time. We think she may have gotten it from a public toliet, or a childrens indoor blow-up play area. We are not sure.

My first bit of advice is, if a place looks dirty, it probably is. Therefore try to protect your childrens skin when going out, by keeping them covered with clothes, or putting something between them and a dirty surface. I would also recommend using portable toliet seat covers, and or wiping the seat off with and anti-bacterial wipe when going out! (don't freak, just take precautions - going out is a part of life)

She had sores that looked like spider bites, on her panty line. I circled them with a pen, and they got bigger by the next day. We took her to the pediatrician, who told us it was a staph infection, and gave us an antibiotic. That night it was worse, we took her back and saw a new doctor, who said it was MRSA, and perscribed a different antibiotic - specifically for MRSA. ( Note- it is Very important to get the right antibiotics, as the wrong one can make your infection grow stronger. You can get your strain tested by having your doctor do a culture on the pus.) We were told not to put her in the bath with our other children, and wash all of her clothes after each wear. Her towels were to be washed and kept seperate. We were told to put her in bleach baths every other day, after completing her anti's. Her anti's were so strong we were told to make sure she drake a lot, to keep her liver well. Yikes!

Before we could start the bleach baths, she got a new set of sores, and we started all over again. This time, we did the bleach at the same time, as the anti's.. which helped. We gave her lots of yogurt, etc, to help with body after the anti's...

Another round.... we started looking for other methods, to include, besides what our pediatrician said to aid our progress. In the meantime, my husband aquired MRSA.

Second tip; we found the book MRSA SECRETS REVELED

We feel that this has helped us. And even though, when money is tight, it is hard to feel good about spending the money on something you are unsure of, I can only recommend this book. It has been worth our money! If you have had more than one case of MRSA, I would suggest this book. We use it as a refence almost weekly. She offers ME no money to say this, this is from my very own experience.

We have implemented some of the items, I will blog more about our other steps later.

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